Data Co-op

Data aggregation and unique technology
to segment and activate your audience

Who We Are

Data Co-op unites multiple data providers
allowing them to monetize their traffic.

We have developed a unique methodology of data collection and processing which segments all data into five major silos: Demographics, Geolocation, Professions, Purchase Intent and Interests.

Based on these criteria, we create unique audience profiles and provide them to multiple demand-side platforms (DSPs), trading desks, media agencies and direct advertisers across Europe.

Revenue is shared between publishers in proportion to the data supplied. In addition to this, Data Co-op offers a private Data Management Platform (DMP), cookie packages, and data mining.


Reach the audience segment
you are aiming for.

Improve conversion
rates for your campaign.

Gain access
to high-quality data.


your traffic and data.

Get insights
about your end-users.

Enhance your offerings
by leveraging other publishers’ data.


Start using our data to target your campaigns.

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Al. Armii Ludowej 26
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tel. +48 22 844 49 90
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